Visit by the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy

Visit by the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy

On 3rd April 2016 the faculty of the Department of Air Power and Technology/Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy (RNoAFA), and the Norwegian Defence Attaché, Colonel Laila Kvammen Lie, visited the Baltic Defence College. During the visit the delegation was given a presentation on the College’s vision, mission and ongoing activities.

The Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy educates officers with knowledge of employment of air power and the ability to lead military operations within a joint operational framework. The academy's core expertise is therefore air power and leadership.
The Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy was established 1 October 1949, five years after the Royal Norwegian Air Force was established as an independent service. Since August 2005 RNoAFA has offered a three year Bachelor programme in Military Studies with specialization in leadership and air power, and Professional Education for commission in the Royal Norwegian Air Force. The main fields of study are Military Air Power Studies and Military Leadership Studies, consisting of studies of Military Theory, Military History, Military Doctrine, Military Technology, Scientific Methods, Leadership Theory and Practice, Human Resource Management, International Relations, Ethics, English Language, Physical Practice, and speciality education for commission in the RNoAF.

Two books, edited by faculty members at RNoAFA, were presented to the Baltic Defence College.


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