Visit by the Swedish Defence University

The Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) hosted the visit from the students of the Swedish Defence University (SEDU) on the 10th of March. SEDU is Sweden's leading national and international research environment and the first choice for education, training and research in the fields of defence, crisis management and security of both civil and military agencies. Although the last visit of SEDU (formerly Swedish National Defence College) was 7 years ago, the College has kept a good working relationship with the institution. The College is also proud to have a number of Swedish officers and non-commissioned officers among its alumni.

The visitors, the course participants at SEDU, came from a range of Swedish civilian authorities as well as the Armed Forces. The course participants were accompanied by course directors and they received lectures on security topics within the Baltic region and discussed the total defence concept and application in Estonia. BALTDEFCOL courses were introduced by the Dean Col (ret) Dr (hab) Zdzislaw Sliwa who was joined by the Swedish student of the Joint Command and General Staff Course. Our Faculty Members AMB Shota Gvineria and Mr Spencer Terry gave an overview of security and defence with regard to current threats and challenges; LTC John Looney and LTC Michael Dvorak provided a brief related to teaching comprehensive defence (total defence) at BALTDEFCOL. The day was completed by a guest speaker from the Estonian Defence League, who discussed the practical aspects of total defence tenets in Estonia.

SEDU is one of the longstanding partners of BALTDEFCOL with enduring fruitful cooperation in the field of security and defence education.


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