Visit by US Air Force War College

On 16 March, the Baltic Defence College hosted the students from the US Air Force War College during their European study trip. The Eastern Europe group was led by the USAF Colonel (ret.) Dr. Mark Conversino PhD, and included senior officers and senior civilians from all branches of the US military. The study trip was an opportunity for the faculty and students of the Air War College to expand an understanding of different perspectives of US Defense Policy and better understand the perspectives of Allies and partners.

As part of the visit Dr. Mark J. Conversino, the Chief Academic Officer, Air University, and Colonel Timothy A. Goodroe from the Department of Leadership and Warfighting at the Air War College were provided a brief about the BALTDEFCOL by Brigadier General Ilmar Tamm focusing on education and research. It was followed by a discussion about the opportunities for academic cooperation between the two academic institutions.
During the visit, the Air War College group had the opportunity to have interesting discussions with students of the BALTDEFCOL Higher Command Studies Course and academics allowing them to exchange perceptions about the security environment in the Baltic Sea region and its impact on the broader security environment. The visit included a tour of the College and an exchange of gifts. The group expressed their appreciation for the visit and hope that in the future they can spend more time in the Baltic countries and Tartu as part of their study program. As an additional event, the Air War College group enjoyed a brief cultural tour of Tartu – City of Good Thoughts.

The Mission of US Air War College is to “Educate senior military and civilian teammates to serve as critical and strategic thinkers able to serve as national security senior leaders”. Within educational programs, it prepares senior officers to lead at the strategic level across the range of military operations, in a joint, interagency, and multinational environments. As part of the academic program, the students take part in two-week long study trips to different regions of the world to meet with regional military and civilian leaders and to learn about the security issues of the region. The regional visits are a core part of the Air War College course.


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