Visit of Major General Mika Kalliomaa, Rector of the National Defence University of Finland

Today the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) delegation welcomed Major General Mikka Kalliomaa, the Rector of the National Defence University of Finland.

The Commandant of the BALTDEFCOL, Brigadier General Alvydas Šiuparis gave an overview of the Educational Programme and the group discussed the cooperation in the academic field. The upcoming exercise JOINT RESOLVE 2024 was also a topic of discussion, as this year the National Defence University of Finland has joined the organizing team. Until now, the exercise JOINT RESOLVE has been organized by the BALTDEFCOL and War Studies University (Warsaw, Poland). The letter of intent was signed last November and the agreement provides a framework for the future involvement of all signatories in preparing and implementing this exercise.

Among many topics, the Nordic-Baltic Conference of Commandants was also discussed. Given the Nordic and Baltic nations' shared interests and geographic proximity, this conference provides a valuable opportunity for military leaders to exchange ideas, coordinate strategies, and strengthen regional defence cooperation. The discussions held during the conference enhance the participating countries' collective defence capabilities and promoted stability in the Baltic Sea region.


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