Visit of POL War Studies University

The Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) hosted a visit of faculty and students of the Poland’s War Studies University (WSU), which is located in Warsaw. The visit was a part of the Staff Ride “Kurland 1944” as a section of the familiarization with the Baltic countries and their military history.

The WSU faculty and students were provided a brief about the BALTDEFOL and Estonian Defence Forces, their current developments and plans for further advancements. It was the first visit in the region for many of them therefore there was great interest in such the new information caused discussion and questions.

Students visited as well north-eastern Estonia, they had case study on the historical battlefields and saw the important landmarks in the region. The Baltic Defence College supported their tour with the expertise. During 1932 the Polish officers visited Narva area before the Second World War. Outtake from a Polish journal which covered the visit:


The visit has been also an important element of cooperation between both Professional Military Education institutions, which is solidly grounded based on common activities and bilateral exchanges. Both organizations are among others conducting together combined joint staff exercise, which is a part of their curricula and this cooperation is to be followed in the future as it is beneficial for BALTDEFCOL and WSU.


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All BALTDEFCOL courses will be delivered via distance learning methodologies from 16 March. 

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