Visit to US National Defence University, National Guard Bureau and USSTRATCOM

On 5 May 2017 during their visit to the US the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) delegation lead by MG Andis Dilāns had the opportunity to visit the US National Defense University (NDU), the US National Guard Bureau (NGB) and the US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and to meet with the Commanding General of the US Army Security Assistance Command MG Stephen E. Farmen.

At the beginning the BALTDEFCOL delegation had a working meeting with key leadership of NDU chaired by Ambassador Donald Yamamoto, Senior NDU Vice President. MG Dilāns, who graduated the NDU's National War College in 2011, was invited to discuss European security issues with the focus on the situation in the Baltic region, followed by the discussion about the US role in the global arena and the Baltic region and the consideration of academic affairs of the organization of professional military institutions.

(Pictures by NDU)

Later MG Dilāns had a meeting with MG Farmen, where the future cooperation and the US support in relation to manning of BALTDEFCOL staff was discussed.

Next, the BALTDEFCOL Delegation proceeded to the HQ of the US Department of Defense to meet representatives of NGB and USSTRATCOM. The purpose of the visit to NGB was to solidify the participation of the US National Guard in the BALTDEFCOL. MG Michael R. Taheri, the J5 Director of Plans and Policy, also reiterated the importance of partnerships and relationship building through education.

The delegation then proceeded to the US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), whose mission is to deter, assure and defeat threats by tailored nuclear, cyber, space, global strike, joint electronic warfare missile defense and intelligence. MG Clinton E. Crosier, the J5 Director of Plans and Policy, invited BALTDEFCOL to partner with one of USSTRATCOMs initiatives, the Academic Alliance. MG C. Crosier ended the meeting with an invitation to MG Dilans to participate in the Deterrence Symposium at the end of July in Omaha, Nebraska and in reciprocity MG Dilāns invited MG C. Crosier to visit BALTDEFCOL and to deliver a lecture to faculty and students.


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