Honouring the 25th Anniversary of Baltic Battalion

To honour the importance of the Baltic Battalion (BALTBAT) the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) held a seminar “25th Anniversary of BALTBAT”.

Baltic Battalion was first established in September 1994 with the purpose of increasing NATO interoperability of the defence forces of the Baltic states and as a catalyst for generally improving military standards. The BALTBAT initiative also demonstrated the will and ability of the Baltic states to co-operate both among themselves and in a wider multinational environment. The Baltic Battalion has served as an outstanding example of regional co-operation and as a model for further military co-operation.

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Albertas Kondrotas gave an overview of BALTBAT’s historical background. It was followed by the discussion about the importance of the BALTBAT by Brigadier General (ret) Alar Laneman. BALTDEFCOL’s Commandant, Major General Andis Dilans concluded the seminar with the aftermath discussions. 

Afterwards, the Commandant MG Andis Dilans briefed our high level guest, BG (ret) Alar Laneman on College’s aims, vision and various courses conducted at the College, ongoing developments and key engagements.


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