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Strategic Communication Course

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The aim of the course is to educate planners in order for them to ensure StratCom integration and execution occurs at all levels within their headquarters.

The course consists of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) or an online course, lectures, seminars and group work and involves students’ individual work and preparation. Lectures will be delivered in cooperation with the specialists from NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, the Baltic states, NATO Force Structure and NATO Command Structure.

The course can be organised as an online course depending on necessity and time available.

The main topics of this course are STRATCOM framework, STRATCOM narrative, implementation of STRATCOM, information environment – challenges and opportunities for a military leader.



Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

1) Understand the fundamentals of NATO Strategic Communications.

2) Understand NATO StratCom policy and its relationship to Political Military (POLMIL) Direction and Guidance (D&G).

3) Understand Information Environment in relation to StratCom.

4) Understand the role, function, utility and limitations of StratCom related functions and capabilities.

5) Implement StratCom considerations into processes and products of their branch/department.

Point of Contact: 

LTC Edgars Allers


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